Ecosystem as a Service Platform

Why should you launch your startup with Waxdale?

Because we research and develop services, tools, and processes to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to launch, operate, and scale their startups more effectively and efficiently in their local economies.



Our current features include: An updateable calendar for tasks, a business plan workspace, a financial model workspace, a cap table workspace, a social network for daily information, a demo of the week of one of our software tools, a global venture capital firms list, a list of available financing for startups, a business dictionary, industry reports, market reports, a global events calendar list, a list of accelerators, a list of diversity leaders, angel investors and journalists contact information, our services hub, a list of third-party SaaS products, our global ecosystem leaders hub, a list of the best content for startups over the internet with URLs, a link to our open innovation hub.

Waxdale Ecosystem Inc.